What Nika J. Has To Say

Where WE say what YOU'RE afraid to.

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What Nika J. Has To Say is the promotion of stimulating conversation and the celebration of having the right to be NOTHING less than yourself, boldly with no apologies, because if you're not YOU, then who in the hell are you? Nika J. along with Co-host hash it out tackling edgy, touchy and at times uncomfortable topics and it just so happens to be entertaining. In this life, communication is a must, so lets talk about it! 
This show has NO FILTER! 
If you have a low tolerance for RAW, UNFILTERED TRUTH,
This is not the show for you.
If strong opinions, profane language and loud unprompted laughter causes you to clinch your pearls...then,
This is not the show for you.
If your attitude tends to flare up "When the shoe fits" because its a little too tight, but you're not ready to take em off, then,
This is not the show for you.
AND if you still decide after I have warned the touchy feely to take a chance, and then decide to grow muscles behind your keyboard. 
I do argue...I mean debate.
Because I can almost guarantee that one of us will piss you off during the life of this show, so if the shoe fits.
Wear em or take e' off!
and lets talk about it!

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