Who Is Nika J.?


Im just a chick from Charlotte N.C. that loves to make people smile. I absolutley love what I do and have been doing it for 15 years. I refuse to reveal my age, or did I do that already? lol!  Ive never been afraid of people and I love to talk. I have built many close relationships with my clients over the years. I still have my clients from ten years back. Even the ones that have cut their hair or moved away, still call me.

Although I feel that I am extremley talented at what I do, I give the credit of my devoted following to the added aspects I attach to my craft, which is genuinely caring about the indiviuals that I service. My clients need me, just as I need them, so I never make any of them feel like just a client. I aim to make each of them feel like my only client. The majority of my salon time with clients are one on one. We each have our own unique relationships. I've had some clients that have kept my children, hosted my baby showers and even pick me up from the side of the road because of a flat tire. Yes, I am in business to make money. However, to me, being a stylist means more to than just making money. When that young lady comes in after a death in the family, I pray with her, even massage her temples to relieve her headache. I style her hair as if my life depends on it, and when she looks in that mirror and releases that smile she couldnt seem to find before she came, I am instantly paid. I am given an opportunity to touch each person I come into contact with, because when you sit in my chair, you are mine. I will never be afraid of the competition because at the end of the day, No one will be able to offer what I selflessly give, which is a part of me that will continue to live in the hearts and minds of anyone who has ever been.....







A Day In The Life Of Nika J.

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