1. Go to https://www.styleseat.com/TouchedByNika

Or download the styleseat app (recommended)

2. Click on Discover beauty and barber services.

3. Click on Sign Up and create an account

You will be asked to enter credit card info.

Your card will not be charged until appointment time.

  You have the option to pay cash at appointment ( please let stylist know)

4. Type Nika J. or Touched By Nika in the search box. Click on Nika J.

5. Search for the service you desire.


6. Click Book. (Choose the first service you'd like to book)

(You can book mulitple services after you complete full process)

Example: Protein treatment +Natural hair blow out +brow wax


7. Find an available date and time. 

8. Select Book Now.


9. Enter Mobile Number and turn on SMS Notifications. Click confirm.

10. Answer questions that follow.

11. Update Tip Percentage

12. Read Cancellation Policy

13. Click Done. 

Your appointment is booked.

Please Read!

You Must enter credit card number to book an appointment.

 The purpose of adding your credit card is to insure that you

keep your appointments, arrive on time or don’t cancel at the last min (less than 24 hours).

You can still pay with cash for your appointment if you bring correct change.

You will be charged 50% for a no show , 25% for late cancellations and 15% for late arrivals according to your appointment cost.

I do Not have access to your credit card number nor you account password.

I am unable to book an appointment using your credit card without your password.

I have the option to waive all fees if valid excuse is given and accepted.

More than 3 no shows without valid excuse will result in termination of your account and future services.

You Do Not have to notify me that you have made your appointment I am automatically notified.

It is better to contact me by TEXT for questions.


Contact Nika J. 704-931-8262


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