N. K. Ingenuity

Ingenuity is simply

The quality of being clever, original, and inventive.


Enjoy the luxury of a professionally customized Photo Shoot with Class, Creativity and fierce Hair!



Heads up 

Includes 1 head shot 

4 body shots




$35  for raw images

Photoshop-$5-15 per image


Taser Me 

10 Photos for $50 ($5 PER PICTURE) FREE EDITS with  DCP  watermark

15 Photos for $75 ($5 PER PICTURE) FREE EDITS with  DCP  watermark

20 Photos for $100 ($5 PER PICTURE) FREE EDITS with DCP  watermark


Photoshop-$5-15 per image

1.5 hour  shoot slot


$35  for raw images

These prices include per person only.


Oh Just Shoot Me 

(Includes one look from Diamond Class Co. Wear per person If decide not to use it doesn't change price)


25 Photos for $125 ($5 PER PICTURE) FREE EDITS with DCP watermark

30 Photos for $150 ($5 PER PICTURE) FREE EDITS with DCP watermark



$35  for raw images

Photoshop-$5-15 per image

$10  for each additional person over 12 (children ages 11 and under no extra charge)

2 hour shoot slot




            Individual Pricing


Head shots

Head shot (edited with DCP water mark)


Exclusive Magazine Covers

Includes 4 edited shots per person

No watermark



Photo Directing

Includes positioning, ideas, structure of models instruction and angles




Extensive editing of flaws

$5-15 per image





Hair Styling


Spruce me up! (Photo prep)

Includes 1 main hair style before a shoot

Does not include chemical services, cuts or weaving

(If these services are needed please visit) www.styleseat.com/touchedbynika




Transform me! (Style change)

Includes hair style change or touch up during shoot

$10 per style change



Make me over! (Photo manager)

Stylist manages hairduring entire shoot

$20 per hour



Take me over! (Combo)

Spruce me up! (Photo prep)

Transform me! (Style change) x2

Make me over! (Photo manager)

Limit 2 hours








Event Photography


Birthday parties, Special theme events, Artist showcase, Private parties, Personal paparazzi, Etc.

Minimum booking is 1 hour.

$50 per hour.







All images include a Diamond Class Photography water mark.

Watermark removal -$5 per image

Image return time -7 business days

We do not print or offer prints.

Must sign a photo release waiver

Images are sent via email

Image CD- $15

There is a $20 dollar nonrefundable booking fee which doesn't go towards total for images.

This fee is to reserve your space due to high request of photoshoots.

Raw images are not submitted along with edited images. 

To receive raw images it will be an additional $35




Thank you!

Warm Regards,


Keyanna Wiggins

Nika J.














Book A Shoot

1. Go to https://www.styleseat.com/N-K_Ingenuity


2. Search for the services you desire.


3. Click Book.


4. Find an available time specified by the color green. To add more than one service, for

example, headshot and Spruce me up! (Photo prep)

add the first service then click the (+ add services) at to top of the current box to choose more than one service.


5. If it is your first visit click yes/ if it isn't click no.


6. Select Book it to continue.


7. Login or sign up through Facebook or with email address.


8. You Must enter credit card number to book an appointment.


9. The purpose of adding your credit card is to insure that you

keep your appointments, arrive on time or don’t cancel at the last min (less than 24 hours).


10. You can still pay with cash for your appointment if you bring correct change.


11. You will be charged 50% for a no show and 15% for late arrivals according to your appointment cost.


12. I do Not have access to your credit card number nor you account password.

I am unable to book an appointment using your credit card without your password.


13. I have the option to waive all fees if valid excuse is given and accepted.


14. More than 3 no shows without valid excuse will result in termination of your account and future services.


Contact Nika J. 704-931-8262


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