Giving Love, Unity and Empowerment is a non-profit organization geared toward but not limited to the betterment of the East Side of Charlotte in many aspects. 



I give credit to whom I've become as an adult to the environment that raised me. Born and raised in the heart of the Hampshire Hills community located on the East-Side of Charlotte, I attended Devonshire Elementary, Briarwood Elementary (Now Briarwood Academy) Cochrane Middle (now Cochrane Collegiate Academy), Albemarle Road Jr High, now (Albemarle Middle) and Butler High School. I walked down Barington Dr. to school played in the park and in the middle of the streets in my neighborhood with no issues. Crime was low and we looked out for one another. As an adult I yearn for my children to have a similar and better upbringing. 

Insert crime stats 

Times have changed and so have the dynamics of the area I once called home. I may not be able to change the world but as a product of my environment I feel it is my duty to give back what has been imbedded in me back to where I came from. 

Home is where the heart is... 

Never forget where you come from. 



My Focuses Are: 


  1. Felony Rehabilitation 

  2. Teen Pregnancy Support 

  3. Suicide Support 

  4. Crime Prevention  

  5. African American Support and Unity 

  6. Single Parent Support 

  7. Financial Freedom (Small Business Support) 

  8. Off The Radar Thinking 

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