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The people say, who! Iz! Geez! AkA  Jewls! Well....Geez is a mulatto or should I say bi-racial, around the way type of chick, originally from Daytona Beach Florida, raised in the Queen City. I claim Charlotte as a comfort zone, my home. I am no doubt a social butterfly, very open and free spirited, most people do not like me at first and then fall madly in love with my spirit of who I am. Not everyone can handle me, men especially struggle with it lol! Very strong minded, at times forget just how strong I really am. Grinds hard, plays harder, a lil crazy and very spontaneous...just do and dont think lol!! For about 15 years the service industry has been my grind, I can create a pristine, comfortable environment in any setting. I have always been domesticated in a swift clean cut manor. I am very passionate about any thing or person that I decide to put my energy into. Geez is 100% genuine and is a lover, I am a day dreamer and a night thinker!! There are alot of things that I see my self accomplishing with in the next few years but to sum it all up, I could seriously go on for days about my ideas, however the main focus for me is for family, friends and I to experience a healthy balance of finacial freedom along with mental and physical fitness. There is a significant make up of Geez all mixed up with so much versatility that most people can only love, and it's only right that I give that proper love back.....



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