Why Should I Detox?


With today's busy lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, weight loss does not come easily to all of us. Tight schedules and demanding work loads can often hold us up from losing weight - fast and convenient meals often expose our systems to toxins and free radicals that keep pounds on us and prevent effective weight loss no matter how much we exercise!!! These toxins can prevent our body from proper function, which is why detoxification is so important in weight loss! Detoxification is the most important method to restoring your systems' proper function and preparing it for success. Our all natural products allow you to keep your current daily routine. This way, transition from your lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is within your reach! We offer products for those who are exercising and eating properly and even those who are not. No matter how healthy you eat and how much you exercise you do, if your system is not functioning properly because of the toxins surrounding you, success is hard to achieve! Fantastic Life & Wellness offers weight products and solutions! Easy and effective, safe and affordable - we can make positive changes to your health and happiness!

This is a process by which a person tries to eliminate from the body some of the toxins and parasites that can build up in the body over time. We live in a chemical society with numerous potentially harmful chemicals all around us in our environment. They can be in our homes, place of work, shops, restaurants in fact everywhere. Over bodies are constantly eliminating harmful substances through urination, bowel movements, sweat and breathing etc. Many toxins can remain in the body either lodged in the fat cells or in organs or intestines and it is important to try to help the body from time to time to eliminate these things.


Begin your life change will not regret it!


I  am so excited you have decided to make a change toward a healthier life!

In every action, there is a corresponding reaction. If you try to rid your body of pollutants, you can expect both negative and positive side effects. Depending on the type of detoxification process that you are using, the side effects could range from simple to complex reactions. To avoid some serious side effects of detoxification, it is best to stick with the natural methods of detoxification.


If you start any form of detoxification, you may experience some positive and negative side effects especially during the first few days of your detoxification process. Mostly if you are not used to fasting or if you are a detox virgin.


Positive side effects of detoxification


Most people who undergo the detoxification process will have general feeling of well being especially after a body cleanse. In most cases, the most noticeable positive effects of detoxification are loss of weight. If you have been a bit over weight before you started the detoxification process, you can expect to shed off a few pounds after the process. The loss in weight is usually attributed to your reduced intake of food during detoxification.


Aside from loss of weight, you may also experience an increase in your energy level. As your body gets rid of all those pollutants and toxins, you will begin to feel more alive and energetic. There are a number of people who claims that they have never felt so highly charged until they went through the detoxification process. You can feel some tingling in the body, and a "clearer" sight. As your body is attempting to rid itself of toxins and free radicals - skin acne,


Negative side effects of detoxification


The downside of detoxification is that during the detoxification process, you may begin to feel some negative side effects. Headaches, sore muscles, cranky moods, insomnia, nausea and the general feeling of being physically weak are common during the first few days of the detoxification process. People who are coffee addicted may have stronger "pull out" effects, as usually their PH Balance is not the best.


According to experts, these detoxification symptoms are the normal reaction of the body to change. Note that when you undergo a detoxification process, you change your daily routine thus your body’s daily activities are altered. For instance, instead of eating a full western meal, you switch to some light meal with plenty of fibers. Your body will need to get used to lesser amount of food intakes that is why there are some people who are undergoing the detoxification process who feels lightheaded or a bit dizzy at times. If you start feeling dizzy and lightheaded, do not be alarmed. Take it easy. Give your body time to adjust to the changes. In a few days, you will start feeling a lot better. Some persons may experience nausea when taking the products. Be sure to eat within 30 minutes of taking the capsules as this helps to prevent the onset of nausea. If you need to eat with the capsules this is fine as well. Also be sure that you are eating enough food, small frequent meals, can sometimes be confused as not eating foods that may be considered 'heavy'.


Another common reaction to detoxification is anxiety and restlessness. In most cases, this condition could lead to insomnia or inability to sleep soundly. If you start feeling restless and cranky, don’t be alarmed. Contrary to what you might be thinking at the moment, you are not about to lose your mind or anything. You must remember that the detoxification process has disturbed your system by extracting all pollutants in your body and this could have some temporary side effects. If you feel nervous and cranky, try taking a walk or doing some yoga exercises to calm yourself.


Be sure to contact your distributor or coach directly for assistance if you do not feel well after a week on the products. Your dosage may need to be adjusted or further guidance provided to assist you. Also pay close attention to the product's ingredients as you may have an unknown allergy. Allergic reactions have happened but have never been severe, they always appear in a mild form and may just require you switch products. Always consult with your medical provider before beginning any new diet or weight loss regimen.


High Blood Pressure


Our body is like an engine which needs to be maintained well for its efficient functioning. If you have been diagnosed with high or low blood pressure, you need to clean the impurities inside your body. You can follow an efficient and inexpensive detoxification plan right in the comforts of your home. Detoxification is a cleansing technique that is designed to eliminate toxins from our body. Toxins are natural synthetic substances that accumulate in the organ systems and tissues of body. They hinder the blood circulation into our body parts and hence one can suffer from high blood pressure due to this.


Here are some techniques which are used to lower blood pressure.


In this toxic environment, detoxification can bring lot of difference in our hectic lifestyle. Most of times we rely on medicines for any health related issue. But that does not work always; we deprived our self from healthy nutrients. This is the time when the metabolic system of our body breaks down giving us ample health related issues. High blood pressure is one such health problem. Detox is used as treatment of high blood pressure.


1. One of the most effective methods of detoxing is fasting. It is indeed an ancient method but it works. You can adopt juice fasting method or just normal fasting to lower your blood pressure.


2. Next is to check your kitchen shelf and keep the items which are rich in protein, potassium and fiber. The intake of less salt in food also helps to keep your blood pressure in control.


3. Take lots of fruit and fruits products. The next time you go for shopping buy lots of bananas, prunes, nectarines, grapes, avocados, cantaloupes etc. These are delicious and highly nutritious. They help to clean our system and lower your blood pressure.


4. Do not forget the power of vegetables. Have lots of beans, broccoli, corn, potatoes, squash and peas.


5. Try to have nutritional supplements which will stimulate the natural resistant power of your body.


6. Have food which have high amount of vitamins and minerals. A diet rich in vegetables, fat free dairy food, and low intake of fat and sodium lowers blood pressure.


7. Maintain a healthy body weight. It can help to control high blood pressure.


8. Even some mild exercise also helps to lower blood pressure and improves blood circulation. So, practice yoga and medication.


9. Most of us have cucumber with sandwich or salads. Very few people associate it with lowering of blood pressure. Have a home made cucumber juice which helps to reduce blood pressure. Most of us who are on medication should supplement it with cucumber juice to lower their blood pressure.


You can also go for a weight loss program through detoxification. Most of the times, diets of overcooked and processed food deposit inorganic minerals and cholesterol against the inner walls of the blood vessels. As result of which the blood vessels harden and get narrower leading to improper circulation of blood into the other part of the body. This also leads to high blood pressure. A detoxing method resolves this issue and eliminates toxins from your body. It is one of the natural and effective ways to combat high blood pressure and keep you healthy from all types’ disease and ailments.




Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in America. Our high-sugar, high-carbohydrate, low fiber diets are doing a real number on our internal systems, fueling the diabetic problem. If you’re a diabetic, you’ve already got health concerns, so you need to follow your doctor’s recommendations for diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.


But what if you want to do a colon cleanse or a detox? Are detoxes even viable for diabetics? As a diabetic, you have special dietary needs that can make a normal detox a challenge, but not impossible!


The liver is the second largest elimination organ in the body, second only to the skin, and is vitally important for overall wellness. Everything in the body must be screened by the liver before it is permitted to enter the rest of the body. In other words, the liver is your primary defense against toxins and disease. Without the liver, the human body would die.


We all need to take care of our livers, that’s clear. But diabetics in particular need healthy livers in order to regulate the glucagon-insulin relationship. A regular, natural liver detoxification program can therefore be a lifesaver for a diabetic.


For a diabetic, a liver cleanse will consist primarily of good food choices supplemented with herbs. A total fast isn’t recommended because of the effect it can have on your blood sugar levels. Here are some food recommendations that are often made to diabetics looking to do a liver cleanse:


· Drink lots of water - about 2,000 mL for every 100 pounds of body weight.


· Significantly increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, especially those labeled as Certified Organic.


· Eliminate or reduce consumption of red meat, dairy products, and eggs.


· Cut out processed foods, especially those made with white flour, white rice, and sugar, including sugary beverages.


· Look for foods that are low on the glycemic index. High glycemic foods will contribute to very quick spikes in your blood sugar levels, which can increase your weight gain in the process.


· Say goodbye to deep fried foods.


· Spirulina can help to balance blood sugar levels. This can be taken in either tablet or powder form.


Foods that are particularly beneficial during a liver cleanse, whether or not you’re a diabetic, include vegetables in the cabbage family, matcha tea (this is a green tea that has a positive influence on sugar metabolism), lemons (fresh-squeezed, not bottled), grated ginger (again, fresh only), dried seaweed, milk thistle, turmeric, endives, dandelion greens, asparagus, arugula, and artichokes try and use organic food whenever possible.


And like anyone else on a cleanse, you should be sure to get regular, moderate exercise. Sauna treatments in conjunction with your cleanse may further enhance the results of the detox experience.





There is mounting evidence that thyroid problems are caused by environmental factors and diet so you can often get over these problems if you detox your thyroid.


Your thyroid plays an important part in your body’s function. It produces hormones which play a vital role in your metabolism which in simple terms is the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy. Two common thyroid problems are when it produces too little (hypothyroid) or too much (hyperthyroid) of these hormones.


Nourish your thyroid


Certain nutrients are needed by the thyroid to produce thyroid hormone. Iodine, zinc, selenium,


copper, manganese and the amino acid tyrosine are all needed for the production of T4 and its conversion to T3. Too much iodine can cause hyperthyroid.


Low thyroid function is known to be a contributor to impaired liver detoxification so it is important to be treated for low thyroid while you detox your thyroid. Some functional medicine doctors prefer to give a special combination of T3 and T4.


How to detox your thyroid


Remove all chemicals from your home and diet.

Drink plenty of filtered or good bottle water

Consider avoiding gluten – There is a very strong link between autoimmune hypothyroid and gluten intolerance.

Do a bowel cleanse

Follow a liver detox plan regularly.

Do a heavy metal detox.

Include sea vegetables daily- most popular are kelp, nori, hijiki, wakame and kombu. They contain a wide variety of minerals and vitamins that support thyroid function.

Get your mineral levels checked with a hair mineral analysis from a reliable lab and take the appropriate minerals.

Eat more radish, watercress, other leafy greens, squash, carrots, broccoli.

Avoid eating excessive amounts of calciferous vegetables including raw cabbage, broccoli, kale and cauliflower if you have an enlarged thyroid as they contain substances that may interfere with iodine metabolism in the thyroid. There is some debate over this.

Improve circulation with exercise

It is a common belief of doctors that once you have to have thyroid medication you must take it forever but that is not always the case. If you can discover the underlying cause then your thyroid function can be improved. It is under your control. Detox your thyroid and feel the difference




There is no doubt that migraine headaches are one of the worst types of intense and debilitating headache you can endure. While there are multiple causes and triggers for migraine, many natural health practitioners have discovered that a good detox program can often cure migraines for good.


Practitioners of Traditional Chinese and Naturopathic medicine have always related migraine to poor or "sluggish" liver function. You liver is the main organ of detoxification and can easily become overwhelmed with toxins you are exposed to from the foods you eat, the water that comes from your taps, the very air that you breathe and the substances that you apply to your skin.


Unfortunately life is toxic by nature. Year after year, it never stops. Your liver, kidneys and other filtration systems become backed up with their workloads. They cannot keep up with the excessive demands being placed on them to cleanse your body of toxins. And in time this leads to many health problems including poor blood sugar regulation, hormone imbalance, food and chemical sensitivity and nutrient deficiency the very symptoms that are the major underlying causes of migraine.


Bowel Toxins and Migraines

However good your diet or however pure your environment, you will always be exposed to toxins. Even the normal metabolic processes of your body produces toxins. One of the most common sources of toxins is from an unhealthy bowel. Years of poor food choices, rushed meals, lack of chewing, irregular bowel habits and antibiotic treatment can lead to poor digestion and a toxic colon.


Toxins absorbed from the bowel damage the brain and nervous system and overload the liver. Enzymes in your intestines responsible for breaking down and detoxifying histamine and other amines in foods that can trigger migraine become deficient. There is poor absorption of nutrients such as magnesium, which is so often deficient in migraine sufferers. Would you ever have thought that bowel toxicity could be related to your migraines?


A good detox program will always start with a thorough bowel cleanse. It helps to get rid of yeast, bacterial overgrowth and parasites that contribute to food and chemical sensitivity. Your digestion will work better and absorption of nutrients will improve.


Detox, Food Intolerance and Migraines


A detox diet involves avoiding caffeine, alcohol, food additives and common allergenic foods that can trigger migraine. This, combined with avoiding foods that are hard to digest, frees up energy for the the detox process and regeneration.


A good detox plan uses an abundance of foods that are known to support the liver detoxification system so it can start to get rid of the backlog of toxins. It supplies specially chosen ingredients to balance your blood sugar and stave off hunger. The foods are high in magnesium the very mineral that is often low in the cells of migraine sufferers.


Balance your Hormones to Prevent Migraines


The liver is responsible for breaking down and eliminating old hormones. A toxic liver cannot do this efficiently and the hormones buildup. Many environmental toxins that you absorb are known as estrogen mimics. They behave like your own estrogen and contribute to the hormonal chaos that triggers the misery of menstrual migraines for so many women.


It's hardly surprising that when you improve your bowel and liver function and eliminate toxins your migraines can simply disappear. The lifestyles that we lead are not natural. Industrialization and the prevalence of urbanization have taken us far away from the holistic, plant-based and physically active lifestyles of our pasts.


Stress and Detox Diets


For many sufferers, stress and migraine go hand-in-hand, so it's counter-productive if you choose a detox diet that will increase your stress levels. I always recommend my clients to use a detoxification diet that:


· Doesn't make you feel as if you're starving yourself


· Suggests delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and cost-effective


· Fits in well with family and a busy life-style


Water Retention


The human body is made up of at least 75% water. Cells and tissues are configured and designed in such a way that they keep water levels balanced in your body. Some people, though, may have problems keeping this balance and develop problems like swelling and bloating (Learn how to get rid of bloating). If you suffer from water retention, here are some helpful tips to help you treat and prevent the illness.




Water retention is a condition where water and other fluids accumulate inside the cells, tissues, and other areas of the human body. Water retention can cause discomfort like swelling, bloating, and problems with blood circulation and other bodily functions. Severe cases of water retention may also lead to other serious problems like pulmonary edema, cardiac arrest, or kidney failure. Here are some causes of water retention:


High sodium diet. Salt draws out water from cells and tissues. While salt is needed to maintain the body's electrolyte balance, too much salt can draw out too much moisture from the body and cause the water to build up in other areas of the body. (For other uses of salt, read how to make use of household salt)


Low fiber diet. Fiber is important to keep digestion thorough and complete. Eating an excessive amount of low-fiber foods, especially fast food and junk food, can cause water retention problems.


Prescription medicine. Some medicines have contraindications and side-effects like water retention. Make sure to read the label or inset very carefully to see if the medicine has any contraindications leading to water retention.


Exercise. If you do not have enough exercise, water and other fluids can build up in your cells.


Pregnancy. Pregnant women often suffer from water retention, especially on the lower body. The weight of the baby, as well as the added weight gained during pregnancy, can add to discomfort from swelling and bloating.


Signs and Symptoms


Here are some signs and symptoms of water retention:


Swollen, bloated limbs or body parts


Pain and discomfort on swollen parts of the body


Stiff joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons


An imprint or indention is left on the swollen part of the body when the skin is pressed (edema)


Treatment and Prevention


Severe cases of water retention will need medical attention. Treating water retention, though, requires the same remedies as preventing it from happening in the first place. Here are some reminders you should follow to get rid of and prevent water retention.




Exercise is important to keep blood circulating and to prevent tissues from accumulating too much fluid. Even simple exercises can help prevent the buildup of excess water inside cells. If you're pregnant, you need to consult your doctor before engaging in an exercise regimen. (Tips on how to exercise when pregnant)



Diet Change



To counter water retention, you need to adjust your diet. While cells and tissues should retain water, they should not accumulate them:


Increase fiber intake. Too much junk food or low-fiber diets can cause water retention problems consistent with obesity or malnutrition. Adding a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables can help increase fiber and improve digestion.


Decrease sodium intake. Salty and savory foods may taste good, but overindulging in these foods can cause water retention. Lowering your sodium intake not only helps minimize water retention, but it can also lead to overall good health. Consult your doctor first before moving to low-sodium diets. (More tips on how to eat less salt)


Vitamin B. B vitamins are essential for good health, and can also help your cells regulate the amount of electrolytes and water levels in the body to prevent water retention problems.


Water Therapy


Dehydration and inadequate fluid intake can actually cause water retention. Six to eight glasses of water every day should supply your body with enough fluid and get your circulation flowing. Coffee, sodas, or alcoholic drinks should not be consumed in order to prevent dehydration and water retention.


**Consult Your Doctor**


In extreme cases, water retention may cause serious ailments like heart disease, kidney failure, or life-threatening cases of edema. For serious discomfort consistent with water retention problems, you should consult your doctor. He or she may prescribe medications or a hospital stay for you to be completely relieved and cured of the condition. Water retention can cause intense discomfort, and may pose a danger to your health in extreme cases. With these tips, you can get rid of water retention and get back mobility and comfort in your life.


Tips for a successful Detox experience!


Drink as close to a GALLON of water as you can (MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO SUCCESS)


A good amount of water intake is 8-10 bottles of water daily (measure by standard 20 oz bottles). For those who are not big water drinkers, 5-6 bottles is a great starting point. The faster you increase your water intake the better your results will be.


Be sure to eat frequently through the day


A good way to measure “frequently” is every 2-4 hours (or approximately). These do not have to be full meals, some can be snacks. If you do not have the ability to snack, it is important to eat during the 3 basic meals! Make sure to start with a good breakfast, high fiber is always good. End the day (dinner) with higher protein and fewer carbohydrates if possible. Never feel hungry.




Caffeine includes, SUGARS, ENERGY DRINKS, SODAS, COFFEE, etc. The product increases energy naturally, so these types of substances are not needed. WATER IS THE ONLY OPTION!!! These substances slow down weight loss drastically! If you find yourself losing slowly, or not at all, these are the leading causes.


Results will vary


All body types are different, and every system is different. These tips listed above do not guarantee the same results for everyone, but they help drastically! Please contact us with any questions you may have along the way. The worst thing to do is go on your journey without support or guidance! For questions, send emails to


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does this product work?

A: Taken once daily with water 30 minutes before your first meal. Our capsules assist in breaking down and distinguishing good fat from bad fat in the foods we eat (which is why its important to take the capsules 30 minutes prior to food). Once the two are distinguished, the bad fat is released from our system (and not stored creating weight gain). Our capsules also work toward the detoxification process, ridding the body of chemicals, toxins, and waste that can live in our bodies for months. Without detoxification, weight can become very stubborn, because of those stored chemicals and toxins. This is why some diets and/or exercise regimens will not work for all people.


Q: What ingredients are in the capsules?

A: All of our detox capsules contain natural ingredients that can be read on each products supplemental fact label. The products do not contain caffeine or any other drugs. It is recommended to not consume any product that contains an ingredient for which there is a known allergy.


Q: Do the products interact with prescription medications?

A: Our product plan guides users who have medical conditions that require prescription medications down a specific path. Ever client is different and there are persons who have health conditions that are successful on products that generally increase symptoms. As a rule we suggest to take our products 3-4 hours before or after any prescription medications as to give each product time to be effective.


Q: How do I know if the capsule is working for me?

A: Immediately upon beginning, you will notice a decrease in your appetite and food portions. Your body will crave more water and less sugar. Water is the most important key to this product's results.


Q: Will I go to the bathroom more often?

A: You will absolutely go to the bathroom more your first month of use - this is the detox process working. This is very normal. The reason many of us have a weight gain problem is because of the harmful toxins we take into our everyday activities, which slow down our metabolism. Any effective dietary supplement will remove those harmful toxins from your body before it starts the other great benefits. This is the stage that we call detoxifying your body, which take place within the first 3 weeks of your product. Once your body gets rid of these harmful toxins, you will go back to your regular bowel movement and may continue to experience frequent urination due to water intake increase.


Q: Is there a special diet?

A: For our Essentials & Superior products, there is no special diet. You must continue eating all your desired meals. We do not recommend that you change your eating habits for Essentials. These capsules work best with a fatty diet. However, Superior requires added fiber (fruits/vegetables/nuts/beans OR a fiber supplement that can be found on our site). We do advise that you include more protein in your eating habits. Foods high in sugar, caffeine, or yeast are not advised. The decision will not help or hurt your weight loss, it will maintain your weight. Each of our capsules will help you change to a healthier lifestyle throughout the process.


Q: Do I have to exercise for this to work?

A: The beauty of our Essentials & Superior supplements are that you do not have to exercise at all! These capsules can bring about more energy, which means that you may be more active! You may even start exercising again! Superior can have a mild exercise regimen combined with it if you so desire. Royal, Elite I & II all have great results without exercise but can be more effective with exercise regimens.


Q: How do/what happens if I stop taking the capsules?

A: Once you have reached your desired weight, we advise you take half your dosage for 30 days. After the 30 days you may discontinue the use of the supplement. Remember that this is an all natural dietary supplement, if you follow all regimens that are directed, you will not have any rebounding weight gain. If you immediately stop taking the capsules, constipation may take place..we advise to follow the above procedure.


Q: What if I work second or third shift, as opposed to first shift?

A: We recommend that you take the capsules 30 minutes before or after your first meal of the day, whatever time that may be. We advise to not change your pattern to much to cause your body to become confused. Continue your daily habits as you did before.


Q: Will I have a clear face after these capsules?

A: Often, your face (acne) may clear up after you begin the supplement. Keep in mind, toxins will be released through your pores, urine, bowel movements, etc. If you experience a mild facial break-OUT before a break-THROUGH, this is the reason why..and it also very normal and does not typically last past 1-2 weeks.


Q: What if I experience headaches?

A: There could be two reasons: 1) you are not eating frequently enough daily and/or 2) you are drinking too much caffeine (soda, sweet tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc) and not enough water. Please eat frequently and cut down on your caffeine. Again drink 8 glasses of REAL water daily.


Q: What can I drink?

A: 100% water is the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE route to take for optimal results. When you begin drinking other liquids, your weight loss will decline - sometimes drastically or stop. While on any weight loss regimen (especially a detox process) - pure water is the best way to flush your system. When detoxing, you do not want to put toxins back into your system. Drinking coffee or caffeine-derived products can compound the toxic substances in your body that increase your risk of insomnia, stroke or heart disease. If you would like to add hot Green Tea, we make a small allowance (up to 3 cups daily).


Q: Can men take these capsules also?

A: YES!!!! In fact, our men very often perform better than our female clients!


Q: When can I expect to see results?

A: Depending on your daily water intake, frequency of meals, and daily consumption of pills - you can see results (on the scale) as early as 7 days!!! Our most successful clients are those who drink the necessary amount of water daily (if not more), take capsules without missing days, and eat throughout the day! Per one-month supply, you can lose up to 10% of your total body weight!


Q: Where are the products manufactured? Are they FDA approved?

A: Our products are manufactured in cGMP factories in the United States and China. We work closely with our manufactures to ensure our products contain the highest quality FDA approved ingredients. The FDA does not regulate the dietary supplement industry which is why there is a lot of competition and many effective products on the market. The FDA does require suppliers to follow certain guidelines and procedures. Imperial Wellness works diligently to ensure we are in adherence with FDA rules and policies, to make sure our clients (many of which are family and friends) receive products that will not pose a health or safety issue.


Q: So, really, how easy is this?

A: Simply take your pills daily (30 minutes to an hour prior to your first meal), eat 3-5 meals daily, and consume 8 glasses (or more - for best results) of water daily for results in as little as 7 days and every week thereafter!


General Warnings


Prescription Medications  

It is recommended to take any prescription medications 3-5 hours before or after product consumption.


How to Discontinue Use

 In the event, you abruptly stop taking your daily supplements, TBN strongly encourages a proper Discontinue Use procedure be followed for your benefit. Please follow the steps below when you desire to ultimately complete your process. 

Discontinue Use:

When discontinuing use of your product, please cut your daily dose in half for 30 days before completely removing the product from your routine. 
If you consume 2 capsules daily – for 30 days, only consume 1 capsule. After those 30 days, you may discontinue use. 
If you consume 1 capsule daily – for 30 days, only consume one capsule every other day. After those 30 days, you may discontinue use. 


 Duration of Use 



Product Storage

In order to maintain your product's quality, please store in a cool and dry climate. Do not store product in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Keep out of reach of children for their safety.



Our products are not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women, adolescents, and/or people with serious medical conditions. If you are allergic to any ingredient in this product please do not consume before physician approval.
The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the statements made by TBN, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician before implementing any new diet, exercise, and dietary supplement programs, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions and/or are taking prescribed medications. The statements made in this website are for educational purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.

Individual results may vary




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